Sarah is Smitten with . . .

26 April 2011

Sarah is Smitten with . . .


As a makeup artist/aesthetician/lover of all things in bottles with pretty labels . . .it’s just impossible for me NOT to share my newest thrill.  Although my “want, need, or have to have it” list is typically the most current cosmetics and skincare, I constantly find myself smitten with other obsessions such as a recently discovered shop . . .restaurant . . .song. . .and I just can’t help myself!! If I love it, I want to share it.  And really, isn’t sharing half the fun of loving something?!

Currently, Sarah is Smitten with . . .

Today and everyday I am smitten with Daniel. Fiance, best friend, and biggest fan.  I think his picture is above the word “Genuine” in the dictonary, and if it isn’t, it should be.  My Danny-boy.

Tom Catmull and the Clerics.  AH-mazing band from Missoula, Montana.  A little country, a little rock . . .what can I say? I have country roots and this music absolutley reminds me of home!

Boscia Black Luminizing Mask.  I would classify this as a Biore strip for your entire face.  If you haven’t tried this, please run, don’t walk, to your nearest beauty supplier and buy it. Use it. LOVE IT.  Truly brilliant.

Have a Beautiful Day!