Sarah is Smitten with:

11 May 2011

Sarah is Smitten with:


Slather it on or Dust it on?
Sunscreen I mean.

Wearing it is the important part, but ever since I was introduced to dusting on powdered sunscreen, there was no going back to slathering for me.
I am head over heels smitten with:

Colorscience Pro SPF 50 Brush
SPF 50 Powder Sunscreen – Active ingredients: Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide

Fantastic, completely addictive product from Colorscience. Choose either the translucent or tinted water resistant formula, dust it on and forget about it! This mattifies the skin a bit as well, which is great news for anyone with combination or oily skin and concerned about breakouts.  You will especially LOVE this!

Sun Protection + Convenient Go Anywhere Applicator!

From the packaging to the formulas, Colorscience is one of the most innovative makeup lines I have ever used.  At SPF 50, they have really upped the ante with this powder sunscreen and is a great option for great protection without the heavy feel of a cream.

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