Try it on!!

6 June 2011

Try it on!!


Bridal makeup trials are hugely important.  My youngest neice would retort, “Why for?” The answer is simple. Well, it’s actually somewhat lengthy, involved and will drag on a bit, but please humor me and read on.

Bridal makeup trials aren’t just about establishing the look of wedding day makeup. It is also VERY much about your makeup artist having the opportunity to get to know the bride and establish taste, comfort level, rapport, and communication. Ocassionally I come across a bride-to-be that wants to “wing” her makeup on the day of.  I would not advise winging it, due to the fact that you will miss the opportunity to have more understanding and communication with your makeup artist.

Makeup experimentation is very much like trying on clothing. Sometimes a frock you LOVE on the hanger can look like a burlap bag when you put it on.  Same goes for tearing a picture out of a magazine or always wearing the same makeup. Megan Fox’s smokey eye may not look quite right on someone with features like Jenna Fisher. Maybe a bride who thinks her makeup should only be very very light and natural would actually love a darker liner or lipstick, given the opportunity to try it on. Perhaps Debbie Lotsofliner will realize her eyes actually look bigger with softer, smokier eye makeup. You actually have these options during a trial with no panicking about time constraints. What a relief, and honestly – what fun!!

When it comes to the timing of your nuptual celebration day, I can tell you that a trial absolutely makes the difference in making the day roll out smoothly.  We’ve chatted, applied, maybe changed a few things during your trial so that on the day of we aren’t guessing about anything or heaven forbid spending time removing or changing makeup.

TIP: I recommend that if a bride wants a companion at her bridal trial to limit that to one trusted friend or family member.  Perhaps a shy or indecisive bride will think more opinions = more helpful. Uh, no. I’ve seen many an excited group come in with the bride-to-be, and before you know it the bride has no idea what she wants due to the fact that there are about six different opinions about what her makeup should look like. (Imagine this scenario happening on the day of your wedding. Not good. Have a trial. Please.) Here’s the dealio: It’s your day. You can have whatever you want. Period. If a bride is unsure of what she wants, my best advice is to comb through magazines or the web and bring in the looks you like. (Good rule of thumb: Google image search celebs that look most like you. Seriously. Why, if you are a blonde Reese Witherspoon type, why would you bring in a picture of Julianne Moore or Halle Berry? This has actually happened. AWK-ward.) Even if your makeup artist may tell you why the look in the photo may not suit you, the picture helps establish your taste and what general look and intensity you gravitate toward. Ding ding ding!! Big communication moment!! Your makeup artist can then come up with a version of that look that is most flattering for your unique features, as well as come up with other great options that you may have never considered.  By having a trial you also have the opportunity to discuss pre-wedding day skincare and put your best face forward on the day of, giving you an even more flawless makeup application.

Once you’ve had a trial and your wedding day “look” is established, a makeup artist can then take a similar path with the bridal party to keep your photos looking cohesive.  Makeup will suit the individual, but a) never outshine the bride and b) keep within the bride’s desired color scheme (ie: no red lips or, please don’t let Aunt Tilly wear green eyeshadow). This communication is key for your makeup artist coming in on the big day, setting up and being ready to roll without a doubt in his or her mind about the task at hand.

All this rambling boils down to the fact that experimentation is best for the trial, not the day of. : )

Tools for Makeup Experimentation!!

Have a Beautiful Day!