11 Accessories that Scream SUMMER!

18 July 2011

11 Accessories that Scream SUMMER!

We all have our staples . . . certain items we use over and over again to get us through the seasons enjoyably. The following are my 11 discoveries that make my summer feel FABULOUS!  ?Why 11?

Eleven is my lucky number/my birth month/my birth date so I figured, why do ten when you can do 11? : )

  1.  Button down chambray shirt. This works equally well with shorts, skirts & leggings, as well as making a great swim cover up. Cute and versatile, I wear this all the time.
  2. Fishtail side braid. Messy and cute, perfect for muggy summer days. Works while at the beach or at cocktails, or anywhere else.
  3. Bumble and Bumble surf spray gives mad texture and workability to your tresses for that summer beach look. I love messy summer hair!
  4. Straw fedora. It just screams cool.
  5. Ginormous tortishell sunglasses. Feel like a celeb wherever you go, and the oversize shades keep your eyes protected!
  6. Black tee shirt dress. I don this simple, form fitting frock as a casual dress with flip flops and a tote, or a cocktail dress with wedges and a clutch. Perfection! Like my trusty button down, this baby works as a cover up, too.
  7. Fresh Bronzer in Tunisian. Perfectly brown and bronzy with very little shimmer.  Looks so au naturelle.
  8. The shoes of my summer. Fantastik by Steve Madden. High, comfortable, and neutral, which give my short ‘lil legs some appeal. I wear these with EVERYTHING.
  9. Red Shellac gel manicure. Summer really isn’t the time for wearing a lot of makeup, so having my digits dressed up with this classic red shade makes me feel put together and glamorous.
  10. Michael Kors leg shine.  Basically a shimmery bronze chapstick for your legs. Twist it up, smooth it on and enjoy gorgeous gams.
  11. Market tote. I love filling this up with fresh veggies from Sherwood Farm.

What accessories put YOU in the mood for summer?

Have a Beautiful Day!