Makeover. . .for houses.

11 July 2011

Makeover. . .for houses.


Whilst chatting somewhat recently with an interior designer, I was told I have a great eye for dimension and color. Thank God said I, because I am a makeup artist and it would be terribly awkward if I wasn’t. It is also a good thing because I am soon to become a home owner, and oh the plans I have in store!

I have come to realize that my house hunting experiences and interior design plans are truly an extension of my work as a makeup artist. Why? Because it is all about seeing the potential and bringing it out, seeing the beauty and bringing it to life. Seeing an old home in disrepair can be a bit grody at times, oogy even, but I eventually find myself wondering how the home looked when it was brand new, and how proud the owners must have been . . .I even wonder what type of furniture they had, what type of car was in the driveway and what kind of clothes they wore, living it up in the 20’s, 30’s or 40’s. As sad as it can be to see a home look unloved, I get excited about the potential to bring that home back to life and to instill in it the lived in glow it once knew. Hm, sounds like a makeover doesn’t it? ; )

As I look at color and material swatches and contemplate how to balance rustic with romantic, I feel very much like I’m styling a photo shoot and creating a synergistic look between hair, makeup, accessories and setting, without sacrificing personality for the sake of cohesiveness. Is cohesiveness a word? It is now.
I sit sketching, cutting, pasting & tearing pictures out of magazines to “create” my dream home, and I feel eight years old again, playing with Mom’s makeup or making jewelry with pasta. I am grateful that art has followed me my whole life through, and this house will be my biggest project yet.  I can’t wait to get started!

Have a Beautiful Day!