Make like a boy scout and be prepared. A rant.

8 August 2011

Make like a boy scout and be prepared. A rant.


Okay ladies, here I go!!

I’ve seen a fair share of wedding day beauty mishaps recently, snafus if you will, and I just want to put it out there that. . . .

WARNING!! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT: wax your face, spray tan, get a facial or chemical peel, have your brows threaded or do anything else the week of your wedding. If you plan to alter your appearance in any way for your wedding day, here is a good rule of thumb: If you don’t do it normally and have no idea what the results will be, be prepared and test run at least ten weeks prior to your big day. If you love the aftermath of any aforementioned beautifying service, fabulous, you now know what to expect, so go for it on the week before your wedding day and enjoy! If you don’t love the results, well, the effects will wear off (or grow back) before your wedding day and you can consider another option that will give you your desired result.

I write this with love because seeing one of my beauties upset on her wedding day due to: (insert disaster here, ie: bad reaction from waxing, non-existent eyebrow, ginormous blemish, bright orange tan, etc.) is a major bummer, and could’ve been prevented. I often feel that there is some sort of matrimonial version of Smokey the Bear looking at me saying, “Only YOU can prevent beauty mishaps”, so here I am, ranting slightly, hoping that all future brides are reading my beauty blunder tirade! : )

Be prepared, and enjoy a snafu free wedding day.

Have a Beautiful Day!