Sarah is Smitten with. . .

24 August 2011

Sarah is Smitten with. . .


The flat-out fabulousness of downtown Missoula, Montana.

I haven’t been in Missoula for well over a year and it all feels so incredibly fresh. I am endulging in an unreasonable amount of people watching and downtown adventuring. . .I can’t help it! Fearless hairstyles and fashion statements are everywhere, no cookie-cutter long locks in sight. I am so loving all the cute bangs, geek-chic spectacles, and. . .is it just me or does everyone in this town have a dog and/or a tattoo of some sort?! I haven’t seen a polo shirt or a Tori Burch logo or a Starbucks cup in over a week and I am LOVING it. Thrift store skater glam seems to be all the rage, with it’s faithful followers casually strewn about in Caras Park, cool local breweries, boutiques and coffee shops. I’ve been bopping about to Betty’s Divine, Boom Swagger, Cafe Dolce, and the Kettle House . . .these and so many others are locally owned and operated and it all adds up to such a unique spirit of COMMUNITY. The style of every person and place is just oozing with loads of individuality. This town has soul.

As I cross the Higgins street bridge and watch the kayaking below me, the boutique goers across the street and the rancher in a vintage chevy cruise down the road, and I am definitely inspired to try something new.

Caras Park Downtown Missoula = Fabulous


The “Hip Strip” offers NYC quality boutiques! Truly!
Rock on, Zoo-town, rock on.
Have a Beautiful Day!?