Brush up. . . on brushes.

6 September 2011

Brush up. . . on brushes.


For my next trick, I will be explaining brushes and their individual usage . . .they all have their own special “job” to create the most sheer, dramatic, powerful and professional makeup looks . . .you just can’t live without them, as they truly make the most out of every product in your makeup collection. Below are my most loved & used brushes and tips on how to utilize their application and blending powers. You can do it!

Foundation Brush
A flat, densely bristled brush designed to disperse foundation evenly creating even looking skin while creating less waste! You not only get a smoother application, but your product will last longer as well. Cheers to that.

You can do it!
To blend liquid and creme foundations evenly over face, brush down and out. Dampen brush first for a dewier look!

Powder Brush
A large, fluffy brush that flares slightly at the outer edge. Use with loose, pressed or bronzing power to achieve the softest finished look without looking cakey or overly powdered.

You can do it!
Dip bristles into desired product and sweep over the skin. Blend with circular motions to brush away excess product. Because excess product is . . .gross. : )

Contour Blush Brush
A fluffy, slightly full and angled brush that allows you to apply blush with a soft edge and mistake proof application.

You can do it!
Tap off excess color. . . smile. . .and sweep onto “apple” (the round part that shows when you smile) of cheeks blending outward and slightly upward. No triangles! The 80’s are gone and so is that technique of applying blush. Hooray.

Eyebrow Brush
A small, flat, hard angle design to place brow color and sculpt any sparse lines.

You can do it!

Use a matte brow powder with a shade complementary to your brows. (Blondes one shade darker, brunettes one shade lighter) Stipple color thru the the sparse areas of the brow using short feathery strokes, extend brows slightly at the ends. Follow with a setting gel if desired, to keep unruly brows in place.

Eye Shadow Brush
The short, densly packed and fluffy bristles apply just the right amount of color to the eyelid, and the soft edges blend to perfection.

You can do it!

Multi-purpose!You can use this brush with lighter colors to highlight just under brow bone OR with darker tones to sweep over lower lid from lash line to crease. Blend! Always!

Eye Smudge Brush
A  round tipped sponge brush that is perfectly shaped to create the soft, sexy”smokey eye” look.

You can do it!

Using dark eye shadow, drag across lash line. Blend up and out as much as you like. You can also use this brush to smudge already applied pencil liner.

Flat Eyeliner Brush
A wide, flat brush for bold or soft eye lining. Use wet or dry for endless eye looks!

You can do it!
Hold brush vertically along lash line a gently “drag” eye shadow color across. Get as close as possible to lashline. For a smokier look, use with dry shadow and lightly blend outward. For a more precise application, wet brush prior to dipping into your shadow.

Concealer/Corrector Brush
This flat, dense brush works with creme concealers to reach nooks and crannies of the eye area. This baby, and my favorite of all brushes, deposits just the right amount of concealer so it never looks heavy.

You can do it!
Dab tip of brush into concealer and “press” into the inner corners, under the lashline, and anywhere else you may want to conceal darkness in the undereye area.  Also helpful for around the lip line & around the nose. Bye, bye redness!

Using these makeup tools takes practice and experimentation, so don’t give up! Enjoy playing with your brushes!

Have a Beautiful Day!!