Frankly Scarlett. . . .

17 October 2011

Frankly Scarlett. . . .


I DO give a &*#@!! I do . . .because your makeup is flawless and fabulous.

In a fashion phase completely obsessed with fake lashes, tons of blush and smokey eyes, (I am too!!) I found this photo of Scarlett Johansson (I stumbled upon it looking for up-do inspiration) to be a completely refreshing look. Whether or not this photo is current I have no idea, but it matters little because this look is TIMELESS.

Let’s break this down: Scarlett is no doubt wearing the full gamut: Foundation, concealer etc. but it’s the subtlty that makes it gorgeous. A light dusting of bronzer sculpts and polishes this faux “no makeup” look. Nude pencil and gloss give shape and shine, a light smudge of chocolate brown liner and shadow define . . .sculpted brows . . the tear ducts and brow bones are beautifully highlighted – I could go on and on here but generally speaking . . .this look is the Mary Poppings of gorgeous makeup (a.k.a. Practically Perfect in Every Way).

I would consider this the ultimate, ideal everyday look, but hair and jewelry are powerful things – I mean, she looks straight up glamorous & I heart her makeup artist to pieces.

My point here is:
Subtle makes an impact too.

Have a Beautiful Day!