Sarah is Smitten with . . .Beauty in a box!

3 October 2011

Sarah is Smitten with . . .Beauty in a box!


As I went shopping for my most favoritest lip product, Lipsurgence by Tarte, I happened upon their limited edition “Radiant & Rested Universal Complexion and Color Collection.” I am beyond impressed with this treasure trove of beautifying goodies. . . so let’s discuss!

This set by Tarte includes nearly all of my “must haves” in one neat little package. If I’ve ever made you up, you know that my signature look is an illuminated complexion, glowy cheeks, bright eyes and a soft, full lip. Well boys and girls, this baby has all the tools to achieve just that!  Honestly, all you have to do now is throw your concealer and a mascara into the mix and you are all set to create your own glowy glamour with this box o’ beauty.

  • Let me break this down, ding by wallet ding:
  • Lipsurgence lipgloss/lipstick hybrid pencil in all of it’s awesome-ness will ding you $25.00
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush $25.00 (for the full size)
  • Tarte Amazonian shimmering highlighter $30.00
  • Tarte Double ended eyebrightener (this is pre-launch so I have to guess) I’m thinking $22
  • Tarte Illuminating Serum $32.00 (for the full size)

Getting all of these in a box for $42.00?!?! Priceless.

Disclaimer – the illuminating serum and blush are not full size. The blush is about half the size, and the serum about a third. However, as you only need a smidgen of each, it is still awesomeness.

Portrait of Beautifying Goodness in a BOX!

Don’t even think about this one . . .get to Sephora, and, as they say in Nike-land: Just DO It!

Have a Beautiful Day!