Lil’ bits of awesome

15 November 2011

Lil’ bits of awesome


Random run down of “bits” from my week of applications, lessons and life in general:

When in a time pinch, or for those who feel intimidated by shadow and liner, the answer is to focus on brightening your complexion with a few quick moves: (10 min, tops) highlighter on inner tear ducts, under brow bone and in the middle of your lid, concealer under the eyes, Swipe on blush to the apples of cheeks followed by bronzer on temples, cheek hollows and sides of nose.  Curl your lashes, add mascara.  Grooming your brows by filling in and taming with brow gel. This makes 10x more impact than spending your limited time on a time consuming smokey eye. I promise.

Love this! A chart for proper contouring.
Highlighting and Contouring will make you look sculpted and polished!

No curling iron? No problem.
Wrap offending straight lock around your finger tip, slide off, and pin against scalp. Spray with a maximum hold hairspray and allow to dry. Remove bobby pin after several minutes – enjoy your boingy new curl.

Works every time.

Random share: My new fitness motto.
Unless you puke, faint or die, keep going. A no excuses attitude makes all the difference when striving for new fitness goals and has successfully pushed me through a pesky little plateau. Also – kettlebell training rocks my world and I highly recommend!


Have a Beautiful Day!