Sock-bun it to me!

7 November 2011

Sock-bun it to me!


Me oh my is today’s post EXCITING!! I’ve finally discovered a simple solution for creating a perfect updo . . . so get ready, because a soft, full, breakfast pastry looking chignon is in your immediate future. It is so easy peasy lemon squeezy you just won’t even believe it.

  1. Take a sock and cut off the toe. Choose a sock that is close to your hair color!
  2. Roll the sock until it looks like a donut!
  3. Sweep your hair into a ponytail wherever you choose. High for style and drama, or low for a more sophisticated chignon. . .both sides for Princess Leia buns. (Hey, you never know.)
  4. Place your ponytail through the middle of the sock “donut” and start rolling the edges under, inside out.
  5. Secure bun with pins and TA-DA!! You have a sock bun and are ready for action. : )
Awesome step by step images from 

Give it a go & have a beautiful day!