Amazing things to change your LIFE! It’s a new Smit List!

9 January 2012

Amazing things to change your LIFE! It’s a new Smit List!


This latest and most awesome Smit List is simply loaded with INSTANT FABULOUS. No need to add water. This list is THAT fabulous.

OPI “Too Hot Pink to Hold ‘Em”

Whether on the digits or the tootsies, once the multiple layers come off. . . .the gloves, the boots, the two layers of socks . . .I love seeing this happy pop of color!!

A tropical hue to get you through the winter blahs!!

Speaking of feet . . . .

J. Crew Fleece “Weatherly” Boot Socks

I bought the “Weatherly” fleece boot socks as cozy liners for my wellies . . .however, on a particularly freezing day I decided to try them with my knee high suede boots. SOLD!!! I’ve been wearing “Weatherly” with all my boots . . .SO COZY. When I flip up the edge (designed to fold over the top of yer rubbah’ boots), they come up fairly high, so I also feel a bit flash dancey, like I’m wearing ballerina legwarmers. I find this “yes, I’m a dancer” look instantly ups my coolness factor so, that’s a plus. : ) Yay for warm feet.

I like being cozy AND stylish. : )

Warby Parker Eyewear = bomb-diggity

Let’s see. . . why should you be choosing Warby Parker for spectacular spectacles? Let me count the ways: 1) Stylish with a vintage flair 2) AT HOME TRY ON 3) Totally affordable 4) Kick butt customer service 5) Free shipping and returns 6) WP gives a pair of glasses to someone in need for each pair sold . . .need I say more?! Besides, my Wiloughby frames make me look totally smart. Who doesn’t like a couple of extra points added to their I.Q.?!? ; )


Stay intelligent, warm and FABULOUS!!

Have a Beautiful Day!!