Vintage Beauty How-to: Eyes like Marilyn

4 January 2012

Vintage Beauty How-to: Eyes like Marilyn


I’ve really been into the “top heavy” eyeliner look ala Marilyn Monroe lately, and it is suprisingly wearable. Tone the intensity up or down and you’ve got youself an uber sexy, totally flattering “bedroom eye” that can go from the office to cocktails.


  1. Apply a champagne tone eyeshadow all over your lid.
  2. Conceal under and around eye area. This brightens your whole face & will keep the focus on the liner!
  3. Using either liquid or gel, line from center of lid towards the outer corner, approximately 1/2 “.
  4. Line the rest of your eye starting from center to the inner corner. Taper the line to make it thinner as it goes in. This will help emphasize the thickness on the outer edge.
  5. Line the upper inner rim and in-between lashes with waterproof black pencil to bulk up the lashline.
  6. Apply mascara on top & bottom lashes.
As you can see, Marilyn consistenly rocked the same makeup look for most of her career. Gorgeous!


Have a Beautiful Day!