Boudoir Beauty

1 February 2012

Boudoir Beauty


Okay, this post is shamelessly plugging a new project I have coming up but honestly, it’s for your own good! My homegirl Ashley Poisella, owner, president of awesome, and resident rock star of Ashley Therese Photography, and I are teaming up for a boudoir package which we are offering at the end of March.
Read on for the skinny on this FABULOUS opportunity for you to strut yo’ stuff!!

What exactly is a boudoir session, do you ask?
A boudoir session is your opportunity to get glowing and glamorous and have a Cosmopolitan Magazine style photo shoot that is all about YOU!!

What if I’m a little . . .shy . . ., do you ask?
Fear not, lovely, because the session is not only TOTALLY private in a plush hotel suite, but it is all tailored to YOU!! Want to wear skimpy skivvies? Go for it!! Want to wear a burlap bag? Go for it . .. although not recommended . . .seriously though, how about your honey’s button down shirt or jersey for plenty of coverage that is still alluring?! That paired with gorgeous hair, makeup and lighting will make sexy happen with out making skanky happen.

What if I’ve got a crazy schedule, do you ask?
No prob, lovely. Ashley and I have time slots available all weekend, from morning to evening, and we’ve got the package down to a science! We’ll get you gorgeous, photographed and back to your day in two hours. Bam.

What if I’m nervous, do you ask?
Heh . . .uhhh, that’s what belini’s are for . . .duh! ; ) Seriously, Ashley and I want to celebrate beauty and that’s nothin’ to be nervous about! We aren’t exactly sticks in the mud either, and believe me the experience will be bordering on unreasonable amounts of FUN!

What’s included, do you ask?
Now we’re talkin’! Included in this package is a kickbutt luxe suite which has one private area for primping and another private area for shooting. You’ll get full hairstyling and airbrush makeup (and lashes, yay!) provided by moi, and an hour long, natural light shoot with the UBER talented and purdy Ashley. After the shoot Ashley will retouch your photos and give to you thirty editorial quality (read: looks like you could be in a magazine, baby!) images to do with what you like!  Oh yes . . .and did I mention there will be champagne? Belini’s to be specific, because gee, aren’t we all just peachy?!?!

Contact Ashley for booking and further questions!!
and for heaven’s sake check out her website

A team Ashley/Sarah boudoir shot from last year. Gorgeous!!

I hope to see you in March!

Stay Beautiful!