Fit To Be Tied . . .A Triumph. (Of Sorts.)

27 February 2012

Fit To Be Tied . . .A Triumph. (Of Sorts.)


I was THAT kid. The one that wore velcro fastened shoes a little longer than was socially acceptable in her uber sophisticated, first grade peer group. You see, the fox DIDN’T chase the bunny around the fence . . .the bunny DIDN’T jump down the hole . . .this loop is a bunny? It looks just like the fox. What? Gah! It just never made sense to me. Then, a REVELATION!! There was a different way! You could grasp the lace as two loops and knot them together. SUCCESS!! This delightful method, termed “bunny ears”, was my foot in the door to the land of shoe tying super stardom and ‘lil Sarah thought: “Now THAT makes sense! No woodland animals running around a fence, thank God someone came up with a straight forward approach”. (Okay, I probably didn’t think of it that way, but still.)  

So imagine my surprise at a wedding day prep when NO ONE KNEW HOW TO TIE THE BRIDE’S SASH . . .because no one knew what “bunny ears” was . . .and that was how the sash was instructed to be tied, in order that it look fluffy, lay flat and basically be FABULOUS.

So . . .with a flick of the wrist . . .guess who came to the rescue? The kid that couldn’t tie her shoes. : )


 Dressing the bride is a tradition reserved for close family. I was truly very honored to tie Diana’s sash!

Photo: Ashley Therese Photography


Side note: Sarah now ties her shoes the “real” way with ease, but still thinks the fox and bunny are a load of crap.



Have a Beautiful Day!