Sarah is Smitten with . . .

26 March 2012

Sarah is Smitten with . . .


Ah, I’ve been away and for that I extend my sincerest of apologies. I am back now & ready to roll!! To get back into the swing of a-the blog, I’m going with a classic Sarah is Smitten with . . .so hold on to your hats. This post will change your life.  Sort of. You’ll have better hair at the very least. : )

Sarah is Officially Head Over Heels Smitten with:


Hair Products by “BLOW”

Are you in the know about BLOW the Blow Dry Bar in NYC? They specialize in the perfect blowout, which is a true art and I absolutely LOVE what they are doing. Now they have a FANTASTICAL product line that I was lucky enough to test and I am SMITTEN!! The leave in conditoner nourishes my overly taxed ends, the styling foam is a “big hair” lover’s dream . . .the spray is light and bodyfying. I’m in love.

(Ridiculously LONG link below . . .but Amazon has it all at great prices!)



KeVita Probiotic Drink


I stumbled upon this amazing beverage at Whole Foods. It’s a probiotic infused sparkling coconut water (that contains only 1 gram of carbohydrates per serving I might add) that promises the world.  One bottle instantly makes one healthy, wealthy and wise. You know, you can run faster, jump higher and all that. All that and more is in store for you after this delicious probiotic blend starts working to improve your digestive health . . .which is totally gross and I don’t really want to delve into that subject  BUT I will say only this: if your digestive system is . . .working . . .very well . . .your skin will GLOW. And that is all. Probiotics of any kind will accomplish this but this coconut beverage is TOO delicious and I can feel it seeping into my veins immediately, which seems like a good thing. I am INVINCIBLE!!!



That about wraps it up, ladies and gents.  Stay fabulous . . .and have a beautiful day!