Rescue Me . . .a furry love story.

3 April 2012

Rescue Me . . .a furry love story.


This spring is truly overflowing with new, fresh and exciting things around every corner! There is truly too much to write about, from the uber successful and fun Boudoir Weekend, to new fabulous products I am dying to share, to finally moving in to the renovated house and everything inbetween. But today . . .today I’m going to get a little personal.

My bestie, who happens to be the man I’m engaged to, and I started applying to rescue a dog earlier this winter. After a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong application process . . .interview . . .homevisit . . .retinal scan . . .okay, not the retinal scan, we finally QUALIFIED as future doggie parents. Through the whole application/screening process, Daniel (BFF/Fiance) and I had our eyes locked on one little man in particular. I fully admit to checking the Rescue website EVERY DAY to make sure our little pup was still available . . .so the very DAY we got approved (ten weeks later!!!) I called his foster home, set up the meeting, and one week later we were on our way to New Jersey to pick him up. I had momentary cold feet when I met him, the nerves set in as they can with any big change . . .but it only took one hour into the long drive home for us to fall in love with him. He went through his own nerves, but by the end of the drive he couldn’t decide who’s lap he liked more and went back and forth, falling asleep on Daddy’s lap . . .then Mommy’s . . .let’s just say he settled in! Can I just say that he is perfect? He is perfect. Like that “I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop” perfect. Expect to see a lot of this little guy, he’s the new love of our life. Meet Porter.


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We’re going for a walk now . . .have a Beautiful Day!