New “Smit List” a.k.a. Sarah is Smitten with . . .

7 June 2012

New “Smit List” a.k.a. Sarah is Smitten with . . .


What, pray tell, gets me all hot and bothered (in a good way) this week? Lets take a look see at things that will change your life!

Exhibit A: Tweezerman Lash Comb!


This sucker looks a little scary with it’s pirhana like teeth but I’ll be darned if this ain’t the most lash seperatin’, fringe fluffin’ lil critter EVER! (Deepest apologies . . .I went all hillbilly there for a sec) Luckily this sharp toothed contraption closes so, that’s a nice little safety feature there. I mascara, let dry, comb & repeat about 60 times. Okay. . . four times. . . but it is worth the patience. Perfectly separated, fluffy lashes. And to that I say “Yay”.

In the safety position.


Exhibit B: Gel Manicures and Pedicures, baby.

As someone who can expect a good 3 hours of smudge and chip free happiness after a manicure, I can honestly say CND Shellac Gel changed my life! I can get three – count ’em THREE – weeks out of a manicure and well over a month with a gel pedicure. So after a year of spending way too much to get the gel fabulousness slapped upon my nails and cured with the magic light . . .I broke down and purchased all the goodies to do it on my own. I purchsed the SHANY brand UV light on for a whopping $30.00 and the rest of the goods (Base gel, top gel, color coat, acetone, rubbing alcohol) cost roughly $60.00. With a gel manicure costing AT LEAST $30.00 a pop, it’s plain as plain that I am one THRIFTY hot (well manicured) mama. Well, fur-baby mama . . .you know what I mean. Thrifty is sexy.


Magical UV Curing Light.


I chose a very light pink for my first try, CND Shellac in “Beau”. It’s very light but take a look see at the pic below of my very first at home gel pedi and you can see how shiny and creamy the pedi is. Fabulous!!


Gel Toes. Lil Piggies . . .


Exhibit C: The Cheese Aisle at Fairway.

Enough said. . . .although let me add the words “smitten” and “swoon”.


You complete me.



Have a Beautiful Day!!!