Sarah is Smitten with. . . Rodan + Fields

26 June 2012

Sarah is Smitten with. . . Rodan + Fields


When Rodan + Fields representative Holli Paugh contacted me and asked me to try their products and review them I of course said, in true product junkie form, absofreakinlutely!!  Here I am, one month and a perfectly exfoliated complexion later, to give you the skinny on Rodan + Fields. Hold on to your hats, this is gonna be good. . .

 ***The results are IN and the FINDINGS are FABULOUS***

*My first fab find when researching and testing this line was the idea behind the way it’s sold: as a regimen. This is so super important because in order to see a change it’s necessary to be 100% compliant with any routine.  These regimens are comprised of products that work synergystically to prep, treat and prevent for each skin type. The folks at R+F know that real results come over time with consistent use, and with these regimens cleverly packaged in 60 day quantities, you are given the tools you need to see real results. I find this fabulous. It’s like you have a built in cheerleading squad rooting for you to have better skin!!

*Second fab find? A little goes a loooooooooong way. My normal dot and dab or “serving size”  of product was too much when using these products! When they say they are formulated to last 60 days, they are not lying.

*The third fab find was the price point on these products! You’re getting a full regimen of 4 products for $160.00 which works out to be $40 per product. Spread that out over two months, factor in some major results and that is the best $80.00 a month you could possibly spend.  Factor in the money back guarantee and it’s a win win. Yep. Even if the bottles are empty – send them back for a refund! Now that is freaking fabulous!

 *The final fabulous find: If you’re like me and want your goods on your doorstep . . .you can pay a one time (not yearly, just one time = classy) fee of $19.95 and receive 10% off and free shipping on EVERY ORDER. I love how easy they make it to stay with a skincare routine  that I just want to KISS them. But I’ll refrain and just say, “way to be awesome, R+F.”

Okay, now for THE GOODS:


R+F Goodie Bag Contents

 My test kitchen . . .er, bathroom, was stocked with the Unblemish Sulfur Cleanser, Reverse Exfoliating Cleanser and Anti-Age Multi-Fucntion Eye Cream (referred to as da’ bomb from here on out).


Unblemish Sulfur Cleanser: As a long time fan of charcoal and sulfur products for finicky skin, I was totally excited for this cleanser. Even without using the full Unblemish regimen, I noticed a complexion refreshed and less oily, which is no small feat let me tell you. I added my Clairsonic Cleansing Brush into the mix for an even deeper cleansing, and I am smitten.

The full UNBLEMISH line


Reverse Exfoliating Cleanser: SO happy to use an exfoliating cleanser packed with scrubbing particles!! Not your usual sad, watery cleanser with like, six micro beads . . .oh no, this is practically a microderm paste. LOVE. This product definitely paves the way for maximum treatment product (ie: serums, boosters, etc.) absorption. This is fabulous when (gently!!) worked in small, circular motions around the orbital bone prior to eye cream!!

The full REVERSE line


Anti-Age Multi-Function Eye Cream (a.k.a. da’ bomb): As a certified eye cream fanatic I can tell you that all in all this is one of the best eye products I’ve used. The humectant (in the form of butylene glycol) attracts and binds moisture all day, which is a technical term for fabulous.  I was SHOCKED at the $59.00 price tag – I’ve used comparable eye creams that ring in at twice that. I see this little tub lasting me a good 3/4 months based on how little of it you need. This is value and efficacy at it’s very best. Auntie Sarah says: “Buy it. Buy it now.”

True Love in a lil tub


A good skin care line leaves you wanting MORE (in a good way!!) and now that I’ve experienced some of the core “goodies” of the Rodan and Fields line, I have my own little R+F wishlist: The spot fading toner, which is a part of the Unblemish line, and a must for ridding oneself of those unsightly acne scars,  and the full Reverse regimen for hyperpigmentation (sundamage, melasma, uneven skin tone) correction!! 


In addition to the products I’ve mentioned, R+F offers “SOOTHE” a sensitive skin regime, and “ANTI-AGE” a full regimen for maturing skin. This company left no stone unturned and created simple, effective and high value skin care routines for everyone. How very classy of them. : )



To Investigate and Purchase:


Before and After via R+F:


Mad props from publications such as: Allure, Glamour, Real Simple, Martha Stewart Weddings, InStyle, and many more.



In closing, Auntie Sarah says “Now get on perfecting that complexion!!”



Have a Beautiful Day!