Spider Lash Be Gone.

14 June 2012

Spider Lash Be Gone.


If you’ve had a makeup application or lesson with me, you know that “spider lash” (a.k.a. mascara induced lash grodiness in the form of sticky, clumpy, spider leg looking eye fringe) makes me crazy. In my vast experience . . .the culprit isn’t the type of mascara, but the AMOUNT of mascara on the brush. To combat a lack of lustrous lash I’ve come up with my very famous (or not) “Dry Brush” technique which I will now share with you. Read in an accent if you like. I’m thinking British but the choice is yours.

For a first coat, and after curling, I remove darn near most of the product on the brush with kleenex. Use short, feathery swipes, give your lashes a light first layer that isn’t heavy or sticky. Let it dry . . .brush your teeth or sing a verse of your favorite tune if you get bored quickly like I do. . .anyway, now it’s time for the second coat.  Again, with kleenex, remove excess product from your wand, but not as much as the first time. Still using those feather strokes give another layer, and use those bristles to move your lashes around a bit . . .a little wiggling if you will . . .to separate and fluff. Me loves a nice fluffy lash. A handy little touch up tool? Tweezerman LashComb. Brilliant.

I know all this blotting and wiping and swiping sounds like a lot of wasted product, but hear me out. First, with this technique I promise that drugstore brand mascara will do the trick just fine, so feel free to drop as little as $8.00 for it. With this “anti-spiderlash” routine, I find my L’Oreal Voluminous works even BETTER than LashFusion which was $40 a pop!! Second, you should be replacing your mascara frequently ANYWAY because it is basically a breeding ground for bacteria after a few weeks anyway. So buy two tubes at once and there ya go.


A classic by Tweezerman. Slide up to the base of lashes and hold! Once again in the middle of the lash . .. and hold. Voila! Giant fluttery lashes.




I love this mascara. And true love lasts a lifetime.


For detail separation . . .use this lil’ guy . . .the fine little teeth work wonders on stubborn clumps!


Spider Lash . . .Be Gone!!!


Have a Beautiful Day!!