Budget Beauty Smit List

23 July 2012

Budget Beauty Smit List


I haven’t done any budget beauty in a while, and since it’s high time for another smit list, here are a few pocketbook friendly and fabulous things I’ve been smitten with lately. What can I say, I simply MUST SPREAD THE LOVE. This LOVE will run you under $10.00 a pop, which is super awesome because it’s time to start focusing your budget on fall boots.  : D

Anyway . . . here’s the SMIT LIST!!!


Buff Puff Cleansing Singles  . . . these little scrubbing pads are pre-loaded with cleanser and make exfoliating a snap!  Inexpensive, packable (no more bothering to find a dinky TSA approved size cleanser, woo hoo!!)  and fabulous. . . I’m in love!!  $5.99 for 40 pads  www.walgreens.com  

Cleansing & Exfoliating Goodness!


Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion . . .My massage therapist introduced me to this years ago and now I simply can’t live without it. This bottle lives in my shower for quick post bath time moisturizing . . .and . . .I shave with it. SAVE THE LEGS! SHAVE WITH LOTION! That’s my motto. Sort of. So yes, I shave with it. Heck, I would drink it if I could.  No need for crazy body butters or expensive creams, this stuff is the BEST. $7.50 for 21 oz.  www.walgreens.com



Fantasea Cosmetic Blending Sponge. . . This weird little doohicky is a fantastic knock off of the “Beauty Blender” and I have to say I am quite smitten. This version is by Fantasea, and will set you back less than four dollars, which is extremely awesome because it’s a fraction of the price of the original.  Just bounce this little sucker along your foundation, concealer or what have you, and before you can say “Bob’s your Uncle” (or your Dad, in my case) you have a lovely finish with no smears or harsh lines. FABULOUS.   (And by bounce I mean stipple, I mean, good LORD you can’t just throw it at your face. Awkward.) $3.73 plus shipping (www.amazon.com/Fanta-Sea-Cosmetic-Blending-Sponge




So that’s it, a new treasure trove of goodies for your beautifying pleasure!! Enjoy the week, lovelies!!!



Have a Beautiful Day!