Makeup Meltdown Be GONE!

6 July 2012

Makeup Meltdown Be GONE!


*This post brought to you by about 16 recent client requests for an eyeliner that will not run in this blessed heat*

A Summer Eye, Sans Dreaded “Meltdown” a.k.a.: Here’s how Auntie Sarah werks it in the summer. Werk!


*Top Lashline will be using BLINC Eyeliner in black, a literally smudgeproof creation that will go nowhere. Liquid isn’t everyone’s forte but if you stay very close to the lashline using light pressure it should be relatively fool-proof. RELATIVELY. $26.00


STAY! Good boy.


*Bottom Lashline will be smudged upon with MAYBELLINE Eye & Brow pencil in light brown. This pencil has a harder texture, which makes it go nowhere, but also necessitates little warming up prior to application. So, swirl the tip around in your palm for a sec to soften it, then smudge away.  $3.99


Hey recognize these little guys!? You can find these at any drugstore.



* For those with medium to light eyelashes: consider a lash tint to negate the need for lower lash mascara! Auntie Sarah can tint your lashed or,  or if you don’t live near me, most spas and salons offer them too. But, mine are pretty awesome, just sayin’.

*Dilute your eye cream with a little water to give a lighter application. This helps to ensure your eye makeup won’t  go a slip’slidin’ around. (That’s a technical term by the way.)

*Try lash extensions or Latisse to boot mascara entirely for the summer. Pricey, but for some folks very worth it. No more racoon eyes.


JEEPERS CREEPERS you’ve got some smudgeproof PEEPERS. Namaste.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m signing off! Have a Beautiful Day!