Glimpses of Gorgeous

23 August 2012

Glimpses of Gorgeous


Photographer and luscious lovely Ashley Poisella sent me an email bubbling over with gorgeous girls from our weddings together from this season. I’m so thrilled with this handful of this season’s work and simply couldn’t wait to share! I adore my girls and LOVE seeing them glowing, happy and gorgeous in these images from their big day!

*Rosanne is not only lovely but brilliant. We share a love of Mad Men and Downton Abbey so, yeah, she’s pretty awesome.



 * Melissa is short, like me, so I especially like being around her. She’s tres sweet and adorable to boot!


 *The fabulous Katherine. I think I did her makeup for every life event in 2011/2012 so it’s safe to say I know her face like the back of my hand. Love this girl.



*My first meeting with Elizabeth was via Skype. She planned her CT wedding from a looong distance. I heart her for her sweetness and ability to feed me coffee non-stop.



*Jennifer was nothing but sweetness and smiles the morning of her wedding, and by morning I mean 5 a.m. Who looks this good at 5 a.m.?!? Gorgeous!



*Lisa is hysterically funny. I’m pretty sure I remember her moonwalking around the bridal suite. Adorable.



*Oh, and here is me LOVING my job . . .even though I’m wearing my serious face.  : )



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Have a Beautiful Day! (That’s an order, not a request!!)