Sarah is smitten with: HYDRATION

28 November 2012

Sarah is smitten with: HYDRATION


Complexions and locks all ova’ the place are suffering from some serious winter blahs . . .it’s nothing short of horrifying . . .so what is the answer? To obtain the ultimate in hydration, moisture, suppleness and non-crypt keeper-y looking skin and hair, why, just follow the bouncing ball, children! Or you know . . .just read on sort of plain, non-sing along style.

The Goods:

DHC Cleansing Oil: Yes it’s oil, and yes it will take off your makeup better than any product you’ve ever used in your life, prepping your skin for the real cleanse. A few pumps of this massaged into the skin will emulsify that makeup and remove it completely while gently hydrating your skin. Remember, taking off your makeup is NOT cleansing your face. It’s . . .taking off your makeup. THEN it’s time to cleanse & exfoliate. $26






Cetaphil Cream Cleanser: A classic “all skin types” product that cleanses, hydrates and soothes. Perfect for finicky winter skin. Use with a Clairsonic Cleansing brush for extra deep cleansing oomph.  $11 Drugstores






First Aid Beauty Daily Radiance Pads: Pre-moistened with lactic and glycolic acids, this product will sweep away all dead and dry cells that are dulling the skin’s surface. (Dull skin = cryptkeeper skin = OMG please exfoliate) $28






First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer: I fell in love with this moisturizer at first swipe. It’s just . . .perfect. Absorbs instantly, not too heavy. Just do it. $22






L’Oreal Evercreme Cleansing Conditioner: It’s not the sudsing shampoo we’re used to. This thick, moisturizing cream requires a little elbow grease and a few extra minutes than traditional shampoo, but totally worth it. This will cleanse and hydrate those locks like never before. Bonus points for making color last longer too. Seriously . . . my mop has never looked better. $7 Drugstores






L’Oreal Everstyle Alcohol Free Styling Products: Hair stays supple due to the non-alcohol formulas. Alcohol is for cocktails, not for strands. $6 – $8 Drugstores






Go now and hydrate . . .exfoliate, moisturize and be merry.



XOXO Sarah