Holy Smit.

13 March 2013

Holy Smit.


Time for a new Smit List! A fantastical round up of  the most fabulous and spend worthy of beautifying goodies that have me smitten, swooning . . .nay, OBSESSING.


Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads (a.k.a. Miracle Swipers)


As unwilling as I was to purchase a product with “un-wrinkle” in the name,(I mean, honestly Peter . . . can you just let me live in denial, please? Thanks.) I was hunting for a daily peel and the 20% AHA/BHA (skin retexturizing and brightening ESSENTIALS) combo hooked me. Within 2 weeks of daily use my post acne scars were waving the white flag of surrender and literally fading before my eyes. My forehead is reaping the benefits as well . . .super smooth and nary a pore in sight. If you’re looking to smooth, brighten, lighten hyperpigmentation or scarring, or reduce fine lines and/or pores (okay who ISN’T this?!) this is your new best friend. Use: swipe these pre-loaded peel pads over face and neck up to two times per day after cleansing. Damage: $45 for 60 pads www.dermstore.com



Pacifica Blood Orange Body Butter or “This is what heaven must smell like”. . .



This was love at first sniff. I am not a huge fragrance/hand cream person but the aroma wafting off this super creamy body butter must surely be liquid happiness I swear. Do your nose a favor and give it a go either in solid fragrance, shower gel or spray/roll on form. I dare you not to like it! Use: All the freaking time, every freaking where. Damage: $15 for 8 oz. Whole Foods



NARS Gloss in Sweet Revenge. (Insert manical laugh and finger drumming here)


NARS is  hands down my FAVORITE line of gloss due to the amazing color selection and non-sticky formula. It rocks my world AND my hair doesn’t get stuck in it, and I know you know what I’m talking about. So gross.  This particular shade may be my new stand by. With more concentrated color that the classic NARS Orgasm Gloss, which can look overly sheer in my opinion, there is more peachy pink color to make me feel polished, perky . . .and straight up girly. Use: Layer over lipstick or wear alone . . . .duh. (Sorry couldn’t resist the DUH) Damage: $24 a pop. Sephora



That’s the Smit List!