Bridal Beauty Handbook

10 June 2013

Bridal Beauty Handbook


A little bridal beauty handbook, if you will . . . comprised of FAQ’s and some old fashioned common sense. Maybe I’m a little phanatical about the timeline and preparedness . . . but I’ve never had any complaints. My job is to get your group gorgeous and out the door at a certain time. . .this wedding morning rundown will help to achieve that!


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***Here’s the skinny on what to expect of Giggar Makeup Artistry when it comes to the bridal party…and what I expect from you!***


Punctuality: You’ve spent probably a year plus planning this day so make sure your bridal party isn’t on time – they are EARLY. I arrive 15 – 20 minutes before the start time on your contract to ensure that we start applying makeup at the start time. Translation: Tush in a chair at start time, not people strolling in the door at start time. I am VERY stringent about this, and trust me – your entire day will be better for it . . .I promise!! 

Grooming: SarahGMUA “Bridal Party MUST DO List” – Brows waxed, threaded or tweezed a day or two before, Face exfoliated and moisturized morning of, NO MAKEUP ON WHATSOEVER. Me tweezing, moisturizing and removing makeup = humongous waste of time. Prepared and groomed bridal party = a smooth timeline. Bonus: Smooth skin and groomed brows will give you a FLAWLESS makeup application! Definitely worth the extra time and effort, dontcha think?!

Allergies: I’ve never ever, ever, ever, ever (read: EVER) had an issue with a client experiencing an allergic reaction to the makeup brands I use! ***HOWEVER*** feel free to bring any of your own products if you’d like! The only product that is unswappable, if you will, is airbrush foundation. My airbrush compressor requires a specially formulated makeup in order to work! WERK!

Who’s on First?
This really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. . . your SarahGMUA makeup (applied with love, of course) will last 14 + hours any way you shake it. If it’s completely up to me, I like to make-up the bride first so I know she’s done and ready – then we re-con at the end for touch ups or minor changes before I leave.

Hair Aware: If at all possible, book both your hair & makeup artist on site – or book a salon that will allow your MUA to come in as a guest. Everyone in the same place = beauty timeline success. Traveling between hair location & MUA location? Not so much. Truth.

Touch up products: To keep your group looking fresh and purdy for photographs, remind your ladies to have a touch up lip color & powder and/or blotting sheets (if necessary) to use throughout the day. The bride’s lip color is discussed at her trial, and I give her ssuggestions as to what product & color to bring for her touch ups. The rest of the party can bring what they wish!



Follow these easy peasy guidelines. . . and enjoy a wedding morning that is relaxing, fun. . .and runs ahead of schedule! (Read: leaves plenty of time for morning mimosas!!)


XOX Sarah