Backstage Beauty

22 January 2014

Backstage Beauty


It’s finally happened! Society is allowing me to shape the minds of youths. And adults, actually.

The fantastical Darien Arts Center in Darien Connecticut is running a makeup workshop designed to cover everything from daytime application basics,  stage makeup basics,  advanced stage makeup and special effects.  Amazeballs pal and colleague Maggie Pangrazio and I are holding the reigns to what will be a makeup know how of EPIC, sparkly and flippin’ fabulous proportions.

Here’s the skinny:

I’ll be kicking off the course by teaching makeup basic “know how”, during which I’ll be demonstrating every day highlighting, contouring and day time definition. Think all things that make you look like you just…prettier.  From there I’m going to go into the basics of stage makeup, and how to create makeup that will allow your features to be read from the back of the house and what not. (OHHHHHHH you don’t get that lingo? Come join me to get in on my theaterical secret language…) To finish up I’ll be touching on brow shapes, lip shapes and contouring and how to style them in order to keep your makeup character and time period appropriate. BAM. That is A BEVY of must know info for the youth or amateur performer. Plus, all the highlight and contouring is essential for better understanding what will make your day to day makeup pop. (Did you know stage makeup is how I got started in the biz? Trust me – learning these techniques will help you conquer your everday makeup application whether you plan to take to the stage or not.)

And THEN!  Its a wild race and ****TAG***  to pass the mind shaping torch to Maggie Pangrazio! (Or a slow saunter, who knows…)

Picking up from where I leave off with the contouring and basic stage techniques, Maggie will take the class to the magical land of advanced stage makeup. Think aging, prosthetics and liquid latex! From there she will cover basic special effects like scarring, bruising, um . . .WOUNDS (just in case you need a REALLY convincing excuse for missing school or work…) and much more.  I myself am SUPER stoked to stick around for Maggie’s special effects portion of the class. It’s an area of makeup I’ve never delved into and I can’t wait to put on my learning cloche and get SCHOOLED. Learn more about Maggie by visiting her at  






 I hope you or or children choose WISELY and join us! It’s going to be a super fun, informative and HANDS ON (Yep, you get to PLAY!!!) experience.

Check out for enrollment!