Jazz Hands for Your Peepers

10 January 2014

Jazz Hands for Your Peepers


Just think of it – like your very own cheerleading squad or dance team for your FACE…or ****SPIRIT FINGERS**** for the windows to your SOUL.

Intrigued? Well obviously some of you are…my inbox is simply bursting with questions about my latest offering…semi permanent eyelash extensions. All of the interest has me feeling like the belle of the ball…the…EYEball. (If I didn’t lose you with that, we’re going to get along great.)

Here’s the skinny on the faux fringe:

Let me reiterate these babies are SEMI permanent. The adhesive will last for about 8 weeks. However, the lashes grow out as your natural lash does so you can expect anywhere from 3 – 5 weeks of them looking fabulous. For best results, if you intend to keep them up for a while, I would recommend a fill (and chance to hear my AWESOME jokes) every 3 – 4 weeks.

Commitment-phobe? No problem! Have them applied for your wedding or a special occasion, keep them for a month or two, and then simply swing by for a removal (and more of my amazing stories). Also – these MUST be removed by a professional (me) because there is no way you are removing them at home unless you want to break, destroy, pillage, etc. your natural lashes. Don’t try that at home kids.

Answers to your most frequent lash related questions:

Q: Can I wear mascara with lash extensions?  A: No, silly…NOT wearing mascara is why you’re getting  them in the first place. ; )

Q: Can I wear makeup with lash extensions?  A: Knock yourself out! Go right ahead with liner, shadow, etc.

Q: Can I cleanse my face/remove makeup as usual?  A: As long as that doesn’t include scrubbing your lashes, absolutely. Use an oil free makeup remover with a Q-tip to remove makeup on or around the eye.

Q: Will extensions ruin my natural lashes?  A: Extensions that are taken care of and maintained correctly will not damage your natural lashes. HOWEVER, if you are to pick at them, pull on them, try to remove them at home, sleep on your face, scrub your eyes, or in any other way are….athletic…with your face and/or eyeballs . . .yes they can break your lashes. If you behave yourself and don’t pick – you and your lashes will be just fine.

Q: Do I get a choice in how they look?  A: Of course! I aim to please when coming up with your style, length and thickness. Bear in mind my recommendations are also about what your natural lashes can support. A wimpy natural lash does not a faux lash support system make. In other words – if you have fine or delicate lashes you may be happier with the results of a more conservative look. Heavy lashes on delicate lashes = more maintenance = more investment of time and money = WAY too many of my jokes/stories. Even though my jokes/stories are awesome and I’m SUPER fun to be around.

Q: Do extensions add more eyelashes? A: Extensions will make what you already have longer and thicker. I cannot create “new” lashes, as the extensions are applied to individual lashes and not the skin.

Contraindications (ooooh a big word of the day):

Latex Allergy = Glue will most likely irritate your skin. No fun at all.

Thyroid Issues = Not a deal breaker, but due to this condition, your hair probably sheds a little faster that normal. Lash maintenance would look more like once every two weeks for you.

Chemotherapy within 6 months = Chemo creates an enviroment in your bod where you can be very susceptible to infection. Let’s not play around your eyeballs with glue and sharp objects just yet. YET! ; ) Come visit me for lashes after the 6 month mark!

Luscious Lashes, Expertly and Lovingly Applied by Me:

lashblog1 lashblog2



Impressive Wing Span!!


So there you go, give ’em a shot . . .and enjoy practicing your very best “come hither” look (so much better than giving the stink eye, amirite?!!!)




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