Sarah is Smitten with: Something for the Gents…

7 May 2014

Sarah is Smitten with: Something for the Gents…



Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a man razor aficionado.

I like ’em stacked to the hilt, wrapped, and heavy. What. Maybe I’m just really hairy (uh, I’m not, just for the record…?) but I get a far superior gam grooming from a man’s razor. So trust me on this – I’m in very familiar territory. This post is about shaving. Is this weird? Maybe. But beauty is also about grooming, so send your follicles an eviction notice with my favorite new product and company, Dollar Shave Club. 

I stumbled upon this video and it was LOVE at first viewing. Head over heels smitten with these guys. I didn’t stand a chance.

(If you aren’t laughing and intrigued at the same time after watching that – you’re dead to me.)


Let’s chat quickly about why buying razor refills from your local grocery or drugstore is horrifying.

*They are efficiently packaged in 18 layers of plastic.

*They charge you $1 per layer of said plastic.

*For anywhere from $17 – $19 you get 4 refills, which is awesome since you only need to shave twice a month which ensures that this investment will go such a long way. NOT.


Moving on to why Dollar Shave Club will change your life.

First of all, the gents at Dollar Shave Club are obviously all comedians, hairy, and broke. All of which I can totally relate to. I immediately signed up for monthly delivery of their THE EXECUTIVE blade option (because I’m so fancy like that).  This option is a tasty $9 a month which includes shipping. Talk about SHAVING some money. (That was such a Dad joke and I’m really proud.)

In about 3 minutes (okay 3 days) I received a rugged yet streamlined parcel featuring minimal, RECYCLABLE packaging. Let that sink in. 


Saving the Planet and Your Skin? Absolutely.

Saving the Planet and Your Skin? Absolutely.



Comedic Genius? Probably.

Comedic Genius? Probably.


ANYWAY – my first shipment came with not only 4 beautiful blades, but a complimentary handle that carried impressive weight. I said to Porter (my mascot, sidekick and all around wonder dog): “This FEELS like quality.” AND IT IS.


Porter knows a quality razor when he sees one. Because he's a gentleman.

Porter knows a quality razor when he sees one. Because he’s a gentleman.


The 6 stainless steel blades on THE EXECUTIVE are superior to those of any razor I’ve ever used. They lay down flatter than my previous razor’s blades, giving me an even closer shave than I thought possible.


They also have two, ahem, lower tier options for those of you with less forest like stems or faces . . .

The 4X: Aptly named for it’s 4 blades. That puppy will run you an whole $6 per month for 4 refills, shipping included.

The Humble Twin:  For the man (or lady) who needs a mere double blade razor to clean up that stubble. This option is  freaking $1 and comes with 5 freaking refills. For a BUCK. ‘The Humble Twin’ option does require you to shell out a few minor shekels for shipping. No biggie.


The most mindblowing part of all: SOMEONE IS OFFERING VALUE FOR SOMETHING YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT. What is going on here. Oh – people who know how to run a successful, customer loving business. Plus they are just JOKESTERS.  #marrymedollarshaveclub