Sarah is Smitten with. . .

21 October 2014

Sarah is Smitten with. . .


Life changing booty (as in PIRATE’S booty – not BOOTY BOOTY) and habit forming rituals are the words of the day.

Did you know the Philadelphia airport has a full size Kiehl’s store? Neither did I. Darn near dropped my Starbucks when I saw it in the distance. A glorious-glam mirage beckoning to a weary traveler (with a 5 HOUR LAYOVER). My purchases were nothing more than zombie Sarah doing some zombie retail therapy but this story has a happy ending.

My layover loot turned out to be FREAKING AMAZING.

So here I am – utterly SMITTEN with what turned out to be my new fabulous three. A clay cleanser (with the longest name in the world) that doubles as a purifying mask – total win. I swear I can actually feel this (deep breath) RARE EARTH DEEP PORE DAILY CLEANSER (phew) pulling any and all noxious type business out of my pores – the feeling haunts me and I. am. addicted. Following the cleanse is a super swiping of the smellarific Calendula Herbal Extract Toner (read: ultra soothing and hydrating) making one feel as though the bathroom is now a spahhhhh. A perfect “calm the heck down” tonic for finicky or dry complexions – GO BUY THIS. Lastly their famous Ultra Facial Moisturizer.  Turns out that this is a bit heavy for a moister (is that a word??) complexion like mine – but cut it with a little water and BAM – silky perfection is my mug. Face happiness. Maybe I should shop nearly unconscious from travel exhaustion more often.

kiehlsLuckily, you can skip the 20 hour trip to Alaska and score this booty on KIEHLS.COM












personal smitten-y gem wraps up this otherwise completely un-mushy post. An obsession not new nor product related but something that makes my day more beautiful than any tonic or serum possibly could.

My beach habit.

Summer or winter – sunset or sunrise if possible – mid-day between errands if all else fails. I simply MUST get to that water even for only ten glorious minutes.

And all is right with the world.

Coffee helps too. WINK.














Xox,   Sarah