It is in the BAG, BABY.

17 May 2015

It is in the BAG, BABY.


Experience has taught me that in order to turn out my best work and give my all to my clients I HAVE to take care of MOI. So beyond packing the usual hair and makeup essentials, here are the supplies and rituals that keep me sane and jammin’ throughout long shoots and wedding parties!

1. I be juicin’.

photo 5









Juiced greens to keep me hydrated and happy on the job. I’m a big fan of Rawpothecary and Suja, but my go to is this low sugar (6 g and all from vegetables!) version from Evolution Fresh.

2. Short Stuff = happy feet and back.










While wedges are my work foot wear of choice, I always have some flats tucked away for extra long jobs! This switch is inevitably followed by a comment of the “I didn’t realize how short you are” nature. Le sigh.

3. In YO FACE.








In addition to applying makeup I essentially breath in people’s faces for a living. Cinnamon Altoids (feel the burn!!!) are always in my kit. YOU’RE WELCOME.

4. Shake your Groove thang…










Crowd pleasing playlists for job sites (this has been a lifesaver to rev up the energy during shoots and bridal party prep!!) and Sarah’s favorites for my long drives and train rides. Great tunes = happiness.

5. Not in the bag…










My hands are constantly being photographed so I’m a LEETLE obsessed with keeping by hands and nails looking great. Shellac manicures and midi rings are my go to for fab looking digits. (I’m caught teaching in this photo…but look at my potential for shadow puppetry. Just sayin’.)

6. I’m sorry for what I said when I was HANGRY.

photo 4









When I was younger and shyer I would refuse to take a break to eat on the job, and even on catered sets there aren’t a lot of healthy options. Well NO MORE. I stay away from processed food as much as possible but QUEST Bars (20 grams of protein and only 3 grams of carbohydrates) are a lifesaver during long days and keep the hangry Sarah from emerging. And you don’t want to meet her. EVER. (Thanks to the remarkable Amy Champagne for suggesting these!! I owe you one, girl!)

7. Extras: …like I said, I’m typically being photographed while working. This girl has GOT to keep it together! Boscia¬†Blotting Sheets (although a Starbucks napkin works in a pinch!) & Mother Pucker¬†Lip Gloss are always in the mix.

Running at 100% to ensure a great experience for every client…gets kind of pricey.

Keeping my sanity in tact…PRICELESS.