4 January 2016



Funny how life and work slowly change….tiny morphs here and there…you feel a few growing pains…then suddenly the old isn’t meshing up with the new. A feeling akin to MAKE THOSE SHOES FIT. I know you know what I mean.

While the blog was quieted, the reflection and redirection was intense.

SO. January 2016 my new website and a fresher, more personal brand will launch. You might say my business grew up a little bit. Maybe I grew up a little bit. You can DEFINITELY say I am quivering with anticipation. (Disclaimer: I will never outgrow typing in ALL CAPS, using …, or a billion exclamation points or making awful jokes. Maybe they are great. (They are probably great)).

What’s different? What’s the same?

Well for starters, I have an office location in Fairfield where I spend my time amplifying brows and lashes with extensions. Yes – lashes AND brows. You’ll be seeing a lot more about these services on the site, and I’ll be following up this post with more details. You are going to LOVE them.

I am still offering classic brow shaping, makeup lessons and in home event makeup and hair styling, so never fear, I’m not going anywhere! I’m just staying closer to home and studio. My work travel radius has changed to get the most out of my work AND my personal life. (I sort of have one of those…it basically consists of my dog, Porter, and going to the gym…but HEY – IT’S A START).

Also featured with be (thrilling build up) my editorial portfolio. My work in advertising and print has grown beyond belief in the last year, and I will be showcasing some of my big projects and revealing my celebrity client list.

Brides! I love them and I want to be a part of the big day!  Nowadays I am a year out (or more – can you say 2017?!) for popular dates (think late Spring through mid-Fall). So please reach out – but reach out EARLY!

The blog (or “zee blog” when I’m feeling fancy) will remain, but expect a little tilt shift in the content. It’s always been a dare I say divine mixed and humorous bag of beauty but there will be a healthy dose of wellness and balanced living thrown in. I’ve grown more confident in my belief that beauty is so so much more than a glowing complexion or a perfectly “undone” beachy coiffure (both of which are GLORIOUS)…. and I am ready to share more on a well rounded approach to looking and feeling your best with you!

Thanks for tuning in – I can’t wait to rock 2016 with you!

XO,   Sarah & PORTER