Beauty Tutorials

Beauty Tutorials

How does simplifying your routine, upping your skincare A game, and learning trade secrets to looking impeccably put together sound?

With the help of your coach (ME!), and cherry picked “Just for you” tools, products and techniques, this custom tailored approach will leave you confident, capable and most of all: GLOWING.  (Post session heel clicking is optional, but HIGHLY recommended.)

If this sounds like a perfect fit, read below for more details about how this curated experience is booked!

Makeup and Skincare Tutorials

Give you the knowledge and confidence to create the proper canvas and the perfect look anytime!!

Your customized tutorial will happen in a series of appointments. Here’s what you can expect!:

Your first meeting with me (THE COLLECTION EDIT) is where I get to know you! You’ll bring in all of your current makeup and tools/brushes. We will discuss the skincare and makeup you currently own, what’s working for you, and what isn’t! Based on your desires, technique challenges and lifestyle, I will come up with the perfect additions to your existing skincare and makeup collection, as well as take the plunge and PURGE all those things that aren’t working for you! (I looooove that part, it’s like doing a juice cleanse but for your cosmetics!!!)

This session varies for every client. Sometimes all it takes is adding one or two new items to perfectly round out an existing collection, and sometimes it boils down to starting completely fresh will all new products. This is why an edit happens before your lesson, so that we have a proper kit that works FOR you and that you can immediately take home. I never pressure sell, and I always encourage keeping your existing products so long as they work for you and you’re getting the result that you want!!

When and if I do shop for you, I’ll be cherry picking from lines such as Bobbi Brown, Kevyn Aucoin, Makeup Forever, etc., and just FYI – I never set my clients up with trend shades or things they won’t reach for every day!

Your two hour lesson (THE ONE ON ONE) is scheduled to happen about two weeks after the edit so I can get your perfect kit together! During the one on one session we use your products both existing and new to work on a perfect corrective and every day look, as well as discuss how to use simple but effective add on techniques to elevate your look for evening. Many clients schedule a follow up lesson down the line to work further on evening makeup!

Tutorial Investment Menu

The Collection Edit: $125 (one hour)

The One-on-one: $175 (two hours)

Shopping/Kit Refresh: $50

*Ask me about Facetime editing sessions!
*If booking in home, travel fees will apply
*Kit fees range from $75 – $450 depending on your needs! (Example: a $450 kit would be someone that wants to start fresh, add a brush set, etc.)

What Sarah's Clients Are Saying

“Sarah did my make up for a friend’s wedding and it was the best I’ve ever had done. I was thrilled to find out she does private make up tutorials. We first did a Skype call where we went through all of the make up and products I currently use. She then built a personalized kit which complemented and added on to my make up collection. Though I live in NYC, we set up the full tutorial in CT which was well worth the trip because we had a quiet, separate space in the salon. Sarah helped me develop a new and improved every day make up routine. She helped tweak methods for make up application, gave some great tips and showed me how to best use what I already had along with my new products. My favorite thing about Sarah is that she personalizes the tutorial to the individual. It is not a one size fits all method. I have now been using what I learned from Sarah in my make up routine. I both feel better about my make up and have gotten several compliments on how it looks. I could not recommend Sarah more – She is so good at what she does but also a true pleasure to work with!”

Dani A.

I’m definitely not what you would call a high-maintenance gal. I started seeing Sarah for eyelash extensions because I was tired of putting on mascara in the morning. It was seriously life-changing. At my first appointment, Sarah asked about my daily routine and lifestyle and then gave me the perfect set of extensions, with just the right amount of fullness and volume. I get so many complements on my eyelashes now – and not once has someone asked if they are “real”. Since seeing her for fills, I’ve worked my way up to her FABULOUS makeup tutorials. I have super-sensitive skin, and Sarah’s advice on products to purchase and how to enhance my features without irritating my face have completely changed my daily makeup routine for the better. She’s an amazing resource for all things beauty – I can’t recommend her enough.

Cortney M.

“Sarah’s talent, understanding, and support changed my life. I have Bell’s Palsy and feel self conscious about the asymmetry in my face – especially because I can’t smile. Sarah’s skincare & makeup lesson gave me the tools to put together a look that helped me feel better about myself.

When I put on my makeup I think of how different my everyday life is because of Sarah’s knowledge, creativity, kindness, and artistry. She created a look I’m able to recreate at home easily. I look, feel and act more like the “me” that I was before the paralysis.

I love seeing Sarah for my regular eyelash perm & tinting because it makes my makeup routine simpler, just as she promised. She’s also so warm and positive! Who doesn’t need more of that in their life!?  Whether you need an artist for a special occasion, a new look, or regular maintenance, Sarah will find your beauty and bring it out for you to see and feel.”

Ann G.