Ann G.

Sarah’s talent, understanding, and support changed my life. I have Bell’s Palsy and feel self conscious about the asymmetry in my face – especially because I can’t smile. Sarah’s skincare & makeup lesson gave me the tools to put together a look that helped me feel better about myself.

When I put on my makeup I think of how different my everyday life is because of Sarah’s knowledge, creativity, kindness, and artistry. She created a look I’m able to recreate at home easily. I look, feel and act more like the “me” that I was before the paralysis.

I love seeing Sarah for my regular eyelash perm & tinting because it makes my makeup routine simpler, just as she promised. She’s also so warm and positive! Who doesn’t need more of that in their life!?  Whether you need an artist for a special occasion, a new look, or regular maintenance, Sarah will find your beauty and bring it out for you to see and feel.

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